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Founded in 2019 by Juzer A Merchant and Mustafa J Merchant, GlowPro is a portable LED lighting gear brand that is focussed on bringing high-quality flashlights, bicycle lights and handy lighting products. Their lights are super-bright, tough and reliable, even in night time/low light environments. Born out of the zeal of the Founders to create a daring brand for those who enjoy adventures, it can now proudly claim that GlowPro lights are used by adventure enthusiasts, travellers, cyclists, campers, security agencies, repair mechanics and even home-makers! The company aims at bringing functional and advanced outdoor lighting products to Indian consumers at economically competitive prices.

While working for this brand, it was of immense importance that we as a web development agency create something that is a true reflection of their brand identity. As our PoiseCode’s team set out to take care of this requirement we also had to keep in mind that the website that needed to be built had to be a DTC website which had to be built, specifically, on the latest tech stack. Whilst taking care of all this, we of course couldn’t forget that in today’s fast-paced economy and business world, the media and marketing tools we use also need to be fast and so we needed to keep this in mind as well.


Finally, as our PoiseCode team set out to develop their website, we identified their brand identity and made sure we developed an e-commerce website that truly spoke their language! Designed and developed with love and passion towards the brand, we provided their website with an overall structural outlook along with a colour scheme that best fit the brand. While designing their packaging, an important thing we kept in mind was to make sure that the company details, including the logo, really stick out and appeal to the customer. Throughout this process, we have also ensured that we are not compromising on the integrity of their brand or their logo and have designed a website that engages the customers with its balanced colour scheme, images and moving graphics. Owing to its diverse range of customer base, we also included a separate page for its business clientele so that the company’s services and products become easily accessible to the business folk.

`So, there you have it, we found happiness by turning on the lights for Glowpro!`,